Saturday, August 17, 2013

Planning Ahead (BlogAlong day 17/30)

Now that we're well into August, it's time to attempt to plan upcoming holiday projects. Every year I make a Santa doll for our Emergency Department Christmas Party/Auction. But this year, there are two Santas on my plate (not in a cannibalistic sense). I tell myself there's PLENTY of time between now and Christmas, but why is it these next few months always pass so quickly? Though to be honest, at my age all months whiz by!

The Auction Santa always remains a secret until its great unveiling at the party, but as the other Santa is a commission, I can give you a peek. I haven't made this Santa before and I haven't looked inside the envelope yet. I hope the instructions are adequate. It is so frustrating to attempt a project with minimal or worthless instructions - those make my Type A tendencies to spin out of control.

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