Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Journal Page Background Progress (BlogAlong 14/30)

Right now I'm sitting in our hotel room, sipping weak hotel coffee. The concert last night was wonderful, the weather perfect, the people very happy and friendly. Quite a few folks danced throughout the concert but by the encore, most people were up and moving with the music.

We'll be headed to the other side of Portland in a while and hitch a ride on MAX and do some exploring while my car is getting its routine maintenance. I'd love to swing by a Michaels store for art supplies (not that I need any, but how can I resist?) though it's not something many husbands enjoy doing. I don't even know if it's near the MAX route, but if it is...

I pre-posted this progress photo of my journal page yesterday, knowing I'd be out of town. I've been having fun adding more to the background (a Life Book 2013 lesson). I'm only a couple weeks behind (had to sew that doll), but when I have a moment I will finally add the face. I'm a little nervous about it, but there's no holding back! It's only paper and paint, after all.


Molly Martino said...

Hi Deanna,

Just getting caught up on your postings. It's been a busy summer here of construction updating.

I am also learning the various techniques to journaling, but not necessarily a newbie because I've been doing this before it became popular. Now I enjoy the new supplies, stamps, inks & the thousands of embellishments you can purchase. I think you did real well on this journal page, so pat yourself on the back!

Hope you get to stop in at Michaels! :)


Cara said...

What a great background!!