Monday, August 12, 2013

Kids and Art (BlogAlong 12/30)

Some of my fondest memories are those of art projects with my grandmothers. And so I try to do that with my own grandchildren. This day was a simple coloring session, taking advantage of the perfectly comfortable weather. See how focused they both are?
What shall our next art project be? I have quite a few books that I've accumulated over the years with all sorts of kids crafts - just need to find some projects appropriate for a 5 and 3 year old.

Earlier this summer I had my grandson try out my gelli plate, fluid arylics and brayer. He made some beautiful art. He's tried weaving and hand sewing. They've both painted birdhouses. So much to do!

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Unknown said...

Having a 3 & an 8 year old myself I know the joys and the challenges of art projects with kids. Stamping is always a favourite. Once I drew an outline of a bird for them on paper and let them glue feathers on it. My 3yr olds bird looked like it had exploded, but they had great fun.
Doll Cherie